As far as I can remember, we always had pets at home.
I have gain a lot of experience with many dog breeds.

I have obtained a wildlife management certification.
I have over 5 years of experience as a veterinarian technician.

We raised all type of household animals such as
birds, rabbits, hens, cats, goats, sheep, horse, etc…
Since year 2000, I have developed a passion for the Parson Russell.
I have learned many things about this fantastic little dog but
I keep on discovering because he is like a bottomless well;
simply astonishing.
Our Parson have the pleasure to home raised and
are sociabilized with our 3 children.
We show our dogs at conformation events. A competition to determine which dog has the
best qualities within is breed.
In addition, our dogs attend obedience and agility classes.
Finally, we participate into different activities with tem
such as dog racing and go-to-ground trials.

We have decided to choose the quality rather than the quantity.
All our dogs are sold with AKC registration; we provide a 4-generation pedigree and they are
micro chipped and vaccinated.
We would like to thank Mr. George Simpson to help us with our foundation bitch; Fame.
With her beautiful genetic backgrounds, she also has all the desired qualities.
Sylvie Gauthier
(450) 586-1859
Quebec, Canada