SeptiemeCiel Alice de Nice
Born on August 9th, 2008, Black & White, Smooth coat,
BAER & PLL Normal CERF clear
10 Weeks Old
28 Days Old
9 Weeks Old
3 Months Old
5 Months Old
Alice is always ready for the adventure. Everything is interesting for
her, nothing fright her. She gets along very well with other dogs. She
always wags her tail when someone approching her. Alice hes an
extraordinary structure, very close to perfection to compete in
conformation competitions. Everything is possible for Alice, whatever
the discipline that we will propose her. What a promising future !!!
5½ Months Old
5½ Months Old
7½ Months Old
7 Months Old
7 Months Old
8 Months Old
8 Months Old