BISS CH.Am.Can. SeptiemeCiel Super Dooper
Born on December 4th, 2013 , Tan & White, "Broken" coat.
Height: 14". CERF Normal. PLL, SCA & LOA Normal. BAER to follow.

Dooper is a beautiful and elegant dog with lots of potential.
Excellent in conformation and in obedience.
He is curious, lively, attentive, always ready, on alert what!
He has a lot of energy, in fact he is like an eternal baby who wants to see everything.

Dooper is sensitive and affectionate, he loves to smile.
But you will give him about ten minutes then
he will have as much fun with you.
Super Dooper is a real little terrier !!
Show Results
Best in Sweepstake at Montgomery
at the 2014 Parson Speciality
Thanks to judge Beth Snedegar
Best of winners for a 5 points major
at Devon's show in 2014 in Pennsylvania
Thanks to judge Melinda Lyon
At 10 months old
at Hatboro's show in PA
in October 2014.
Best in speciality (BISS) at the 2014 Canadian National Parson Russell speciality
in Halifax, NS in August 2014.  A lot, a lot of gifts and prices !!
Thank you to judge Lee Steeves.
At 7 weeks old
At 6 weeks old
At 4 weeks old
At 3 months old
At 2 months old
New American champion at the prestigious show of
Morris & Essex in New-Jersey.
Furthermore, an Award Of Merit at the terrier classic at the
Montgomery Kennel Club in Pennsylvania
Thank you judges Betty Anne Stenmark & Rosalind Kramer