CH. SeptiemeCiel King Kong Die For Love
Born on Dec 16th, 2008 , Tricolor, "Broken" Coat.
Height: 14". BAER & CERF Normal. PLL, SCA & LOA Normal. "Proven Sire".
King Kong has a gorgeous head and a good topline.Very nice front with a balanced rear.
A lot of bones combined with an excellent movement.Wondeful coat, he walks with pride.
Very good temperament an affectionate.He always wants to be higher...
And I believe that's where he will go... A lot of potential for King Kong.
4 months old
5 weeks old
7 weeks old
Almost 3 months old
3½ months old
4 months old
4 months old
4½ months old
With Nikita and Snouk Snouk
4¾ months old
4¾ months old
With Mom & Nikita
New Champion at 6¾ months
Group 4th and
Best Puppy in Group
17 Months old
23 Months old, at the Olympic Stadium
King Kong 23 Mois
23 Months old, at the Olympic Stadium
August 2011 - Dock Diving competition
in Gananoque, Ontario.
His best jump was 10 feet and 11 inches.
September 2011 - Dock Diving Competition
in Contoocook, New Hampshire, USA.
Has completed his 'Novice' title with a first place.