A little dog who doesn't know that he is one!
Utility terrier persistent and rustic. Extremly intelligent; he can go very far in his
apprenticeship if his handler spends a little time with him.
Also, they are widely used by trainers in movies.

The Parson is meant for agility... a real Formula 1! Talented in obedience and specially
qualified for underground works in terriers. He also loves races and he can be a good
tracker. The Parson is a daring dog, hard with themself. With his family, a master must
be present... Otherwise, he may want to assume this role if the seat is available! He needs
to know his rank and it is not above the human gender even if he compares himself with
a family member. He is adorable and friendly with the children and Humans generally.
He is a playfull and very affectionate dog.

Fast in reactions, he needs some exercices like any other dog, or maybe a little more :-) A
walk from time to time, games with the ball, or just go for a ride in a car!
Notice that his greatest hapiness is being with you no matter where!