The Parson Russell is considered to be a dog who
requires less care compares to other breeds.
But, if we want preserve his beautiful aspect, these are the things to do:
"smooth", "broken" or "rough" coats
A good brushing 2 times a week or more to help him getting rid of dead hair and
stimulate new hair. Once a month, cut his nails and give him a bath with an
appropriate shampoo during summer time. However you can space out the baths
at winter time. Do not forget to dry them out completly.
"Broken" ou "Rough" coats
Doing a light stripping every week is recommanded
to preserve the condition of the dog.
During more intense shedding periods (Spring and Autumn), you can strip him
more deeply. It means removing all the broken coat, this way the dog will have
only his "soft" undercoat. This will stop the shedding and the dog will regain his
beautifull coat about six weeks later.

To maintain an household dog in a good condition,
these accessories are sufficient:
o  A nail clipper and styptic powder.
o  A curved slicker brush.
o  An horsehair brush.
o  Cisors.
o  A stripping knife, branding
"Le Salon" sold at "
JE Mondou",
It has a soft blue handle.
A bit of advice, start early to groom your puppy even if you consider he does not need to; because he is so cute
like this... It's a matter of education in early ages, grooming needs to be in his routine and not something  
stressfull. Reward your puppy after the grooming session with a threat such as a "Milk Bone" or a pise of
If the dog needs to be groomed to go to a conformationshow,
you will need advices and additional accessories.
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Additional Informations
Tests that all good breeders should do for their breeding adults.

PLL(Primary Lens Luxation),
DNA Test, once in dog's lifetime.
More informations:

BAER(Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response),
Auditory test, once in dog's lifetime.
More informations:

CERF(Canine Eye Registration Foundation)
Visual test, Once a year or just before breeding.