CH. Brillwood SeptiemeCiel Ms. Best
5 months old
8 weeks old
When see came out
at the airport
Born on July 11th, 2007 , Tricolor, Broken Coat. Scissor bite.
Height: 12½". BAER & CERF  clear. PLL Normal. LOA Clear.
Best is more than a dog. She comes from a desperate request since it was difficult to
have an offspring from Fame. Best's mother, Hazel is Fame's half-sister. The father is
the brother of a dog that I have had at home for a while. I can affirm that she's the
symbiosis of the beauty and the kindness.
When I first saw pictures of the puppies, they were all amazing. But, Best was the one
that was looking like Fame.
She was the one I was expecting. Until the last minute, I was unsure if I could have her
since she was the most beautiful bitch of the litter. The breeder wanted to keep her.
Fortunately, I was fulfilled! Thank you, Linda.
She possesses a lot of qualities, to not mention them all, I would like to highlight two;
she is very calm and her movement takes your breath away.
Those that will see her in show rings could observe it, she is irresistible !!!
5 Months
9 Months old
9 months old
With King Kong and Nikita
New Champion
Fun Day Saint-Lazare,
September 2010