Born on October 16th, 2012. Tan & White, Smooth Coat,
Height 13½'', CERF & BAER Normal,
PLL, SCA & LOA Normal.
SeptiemeCiel Pandora Time After Time

Pandora as the gem may be fragile depending on the approach that is used.
She can also be strong and resistant when properly framed. I will also make reference to
definition of his name; the "all-endowed". In addition to its magnificent physical qualities, she
is curious, courageous, charming and elegant. She perfectly represents what is the Parson.
Pandora is like a little cocoon that hatched and continues to flourish.

Thank you Ginette and Michel for having welcomed with open arms.
Also thank you to Ginette, Michel and Marie-Claude for the nice pictures.
8 months old
16 months old
14 months old
8 months old
Pandora 16 months old and
her half-brother Filou 6 months old
1½ year old
1¾ year old
14 months old
16 months old
16 months old
8 months old
6½ weeks old
10 weeks old
6 weeks old
7 weeks old
4 weeks old
5 weeks old
September 2014
I am a little girl that likes to learn new tricks - April 2017
Make up Photo by Michel for his
company EnviroKayak
Family picture
with Dooper and the kids
Outdoor pictures - October 2016
August 2016
February 2015